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V’tae spray deodorant: delicious herbal scent that reminds me of the forest and crushing myrtle leaves in your fingers.

Peach & Willow Bark facial towelettes: juicy peach scent mixed with a slight note of powder.I use these for my face, then let them dry and reuse them as wipes for cleaning around the house. These are invaluable as a way to freshen up away from home.IMG_8704

Q Tonic. All natural tonic water with real quinine.  Delicious, low-sugar, superior mixer.


Airplants!  I’ve become addicted to them! I’ve collected 9 already. Rinse in water once a week, give indirect light. Multitudes of varieties!


Once a loyal customer of Soapwalla, this deodorant has won me  over because it is powerfully effective and available at our neighborhood grocery.


A local jam and pickle maker, Sweet Creek makes delicious, natural products and puts all other jams to shame.  Pricey, but worth it.


This BKR water bottle is my favorite vessel to drink from this year. The color options are staggering. The silicone sleeve protects the glass and adds a fashionable, yet sporty flair. The water level has a subtle visibility.


This is just a shot to show you what it looks like with the cap off.  Actual cucumber-infused water used in this photo.


Peach jam from Dalfour. They make many small batch jams, and this is my favorite.


My favorite flaxseed oil and source of Omega 3, based on price and taste.  I love to eat it in my soy yogurt.

IMG_8879Although I’m not a huge fan of sweets, I can’t resist these dark chocolate-covered pretzels with sea salt.


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